Nanotube Filter News

Nanotube Filter News

labs all over the world are researching the use of carbon nanotubes for water filtration.

Graphene looks promising for water desalination by using solar energy to power the process. Graphene sheets with controlled pores sizes have potential to purify water more efficiently than existing methods.

Nano filter | Nanostructured Carbon Filter

Nanostructured Carbon Water Filter. It’s 350 times higher adsorption effect than GAC \ Granular Activated Carbon.

Sci-Tech Today: Man Drinks Water out of the Charles

Nanotechnology can help provide clean water for NASA astronauts, disaster relief teams, and field clinics. The CEO of a Vermont nanotech start-up company drinks water out of the Charles River to make his point and MOS tests the water filtering device…


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Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water

See how INL scientists are using nanotechnology to remove arsenic from drinking water. For more INL research, visit

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Carbon nanotubes to clean water? – Cosmic Log


Scientists are eyeing carbon nanotubes to clean up municipal water supplies contaminated with water soluble drugs and other compounds that sneak past common charcoal filters. The teeny tiny tubes of carbon are a factor of


New artificial muscle combines carbon nanotubes and candle wax, and can lift more than 100,000 times its own weight!

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